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Hi, I'm Reena, and thank you so much for stopping by my store!

What first inspired me to start ReenaBee was that I love making crafts. Several years ago, I received a jewelry-making kit for Christmas. Soon afterward I was hooked. I was constantly making jewelry for myself and to gift to friends. Now that I am in high school, I enjoy creating more designs for customers and being able to put my creative skills to the test.  

 I love making jewelry because it allows me to create something beautiful out of nothing. I also love that it can be worn so more people can enjoy it, kind of like wearable art. I also love the process of making jewelry whether it is by making resin pieces for pendants or by creating patterns in beads for bracelets, it's all so fun.

ReenaBee was born from my love of making jewelry and my interest in expanding the entrepreneurial skills I learned from starting a t-shirt business with my little brother. Combining my skills allowed me to create a business out of something I love to do. 

Please enjoy!